Who We Are

What makes Dogs R Us different from the ‘rest of the pack’ is that your loved one is ALWAYS our top priority. Whether it is during a walk, play group, or a pet sitting. The care and security of your loved one is always number one.

Brad Mayeux



Our Mission

At Dogs R Us, our policy is to limit walking groups to a maximum of 4 dogs at any given time. We believe it provides better care and attention to your pet, as well as other the other client who are along for the adventure. In addition, the walks or play groups will typically last longer than the time agreed upon, and will always be within the time frame you requested, without exception. This, we feel, can only help improve the health and well being of your loved one.

In addition to our most popular service, group walks, we also provide “play groups”. This service is designed for our more active clients who require more time exercising & playing with others than our other clients. We, at Dogs R Us, believe in standing by the products and services we offer. Therefore, when we say play groups, we mean play groups! We believe in providing the best environments for our more active clients, So when you choose a play group for your pet, you can rest assured that your family member will get the best exercise and fun they can get while out on their adventure with their other friends!

We at Dogs R Us believe so strongly in providing the highest level of care to your family member that we will forge relationships with other companies that may be able to help out if we cannot. We will strive to make your choice in choosing a pet walking service as painless as possible. We realize that you have enough to worry about, and choosing this type of service should not be one of them.

The final aspect that sets us apart from other pet services is that we maintain a blog on our website to foster a more real ‘family’ environment amongst our clients. All information and topics will be posted, so all of our clients may share information amongst the rest of our family. You will be able to actively participate, review any remarks, compliments, or even concerns about the services we provide… or maybe even advise us on how to improve our services! After all, we are here for you and your precious loved one.  Feedback is what will make us better.

Our Technology

We live in an increasingly technical world today, and we understand that you want, and need, to know how your loved one is doing throughout the day. Dogs R Us uses the latest in software technology from Better Walker, LLC, a new and exciting company, providing cutting edge software to a real world business like ours at Dogs R Us. This people friendly software is fun, exciting and very easy to navigate. As a Dogs R Us client, you may log in at any time, upload a picture of your loved one, populate all of your personal information, walk routes, or add any notes you feel may help make your family member outings more enjoyable.

We at Dogs R Us believe in maintaining the highest level of electronic security. Information will never be sold, or shared with an outside party. The information you provide to us is kept strictly confidential.

  • Software from Better Walker, LLC
  • Available to all clients
  • Interactive interface
  • IPhone and Android compatible
  • Real time text or email notification
  • Up to the minute details about your service
  • Scheduling changes

Our Team

Brad Mayeux


Owner and Dog Walker

Hi there, how are you? there. Thanks for visiting our website today!
My name is Brad, and I started Dogs R Us almost 10 years ago out my passion and love for dogs. I grew up on a farm with all kinds of animals, including dogs, and my love for them began very early on in my life. I have instilled that passion into what Dogs R Us is about, and everyone who works alongside me. I insist that we place your loved first, and when you join us, you become part of our family. We strive every day to promote the physical, biological, emotional, and mental fitness of every client, and is of ultimate importance to us here at Dogs R Us. I will make that pledge to you as a new customer.
Thank you again for visiting us here at Dogs R Us, and I look forward to hearing from you and becoming part of our family!
~ Brad

Dog answering phone

Robert Lavigne

Playgroup Specialist

Dog answering phone

Tomas Montano

Dog Walker

Kevin St. Gelais

Kevin St. Gelais

Dog Walker

What They Say About Us . . .

“We are more than pleased with Dogs R Us. The owner, Brad, is very kind, professional and flexible with our schedules. We have been sending our pup, Ree, for play groups with Dogs R Us since our dog was a year and a half. Robert is so good with our dog who can sometimes be a bit skidish. We plan on using Dogs R Us indefinitely and we have referred them to dog owners throughout our area!”
Nicole F.

“Dogs R Us has been caring for Bailey for nearly 6 years since he was 8 weeks old. Brad and his team are always reliable, kind, and flexible to our needs including schedule changes and moving within the city. From walks to playgroup, we know that Bailey is well taken care of and loved by the Dogs R Us team. We have been incredibly happy with their level of professionalism and service over the years, and Bailey looks forward to seeing his walkers every day. We couldn’t make it through the week without them.”

“My dog Maizy loves her play group friends! She runs to the door to greet her walker and cannot wait to go out with him. The dogs are so well cared for from start to finish of the play group and my dog comes home tired and happy. I also am so appreciative of the very careful attention from the Dogs R Us with scheduling our holidays and days off. Dogs R Us play groups are the best part of the day for Maizy!”
“Brad and Dogs R Us offered everything we needed when we moved back into the South End and needed a dog walker. It’s easy to arrange appointments or cancellations & they are very flexible with our schedules and needs. Brad and his team are easy to work with and very responsive. Gus, our pup, loves the walkers and is well taken care of. I have recommended Dogs R Us to many of my friends, and will gladly continue.”

“We’ve been using Dogs R Us for almost 7 years and absolutely LOVE them. They take our two golden retrievers every day on a playgroup, and they return nice and tired from their romping and playing with their friends! Brad and Robert are so good with them, and it is obvious that they really love dogs, and I never worry for a minute when they are with them. They are incredibly reliable and have never once missed a walk in all these years. I honestly could not recommend them more highly! My husband and I are so happy we have Dogs R Us.”

“I am thrilled and happy to have found Dogs R Us for my bosses dog’s playtime. We have been clients for four plus years. Harry comes back enriched from his social time and exercise. Brad & Robert are so kind and professional and work with my very hectic schedule. I am happy to know and trust in Dogs R Us’ care for Harry and know they are top notch!”
“We are new clients to Dogs R Us, and Oakley is a 9 month old Golden Doodle is so happy since joining their family, & is a VERY happy with his new friends. Brad took the time to ask many questions about Oakley and his habits, & I was very pleased about this because it showed that he cared about Oakley. Oakley’s walker, William, is respectful of our wishes that Oakley continued to be treated as the trained dog that he is. It has now been a few months that we have been using Dogs R Us and we couldn’t be happier with the service. They love our dog as we do and that is something that is not easy to find. I would just say to doggie parents out there that if you want someone to take care of your loved pet like you do, Dogs R Us is the service for you!”