Koa on the Cape

With DogsRUs Boston co-founder, Sean, taking a much-deserved holiday, I had the pleasure of spending an entire weekend with Koa, his 100-pound Bullmastiff. What a gentle giant.

I picked him up at The Dog House and we headed straight for Cape Cod. Friday night was mellow, and so was Koa. He slept on the living room floor and I took the couch.

Saturday morning, we took a jog to the beach, about a mile each way. Koa quickly got into trotting mode. His head was upright and we motored right along.

Later in the afternoon, we played soccer in the back yard. I kicked the ball, and Koa attacked it. Gently. These activities left us both in a relaxed state of mind.

On Sunday, we took a long hike on the nature trails adjacent to Gray’s Beach in Yarmouthport.  Koa was in his element:  sniffing around, exploring the woods.  He even found a clearing that led to a wide expanse of marshland.  He loved it.


Sunday night, we drove back to Boston and he stayed at my apartment.  Koa met our resident Toy Fox Terrier, Twix.  They got along fine, even though Twix only weighs 15 pounds.

What a great time, and what an awesome dog.  Easy-going and quiet – what every dog should be!


  1. Jeff Eddowes

    Thanks so much for taking care of our boy Phil! Looks like he had his own vacation with you! I usually take him to the Cape in the summer, but didn’t get him down this season. Was great that you did! Love the photos and commentary. Thanks again!


  2. Sean Guerin

    what a great story, love seeing my boy all happy when were not around, great job Phil and thanks again

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