The Dog House Offers “Tastes of the Wild” Natural Dog Food

There seems to be an anti-agriculture (grain) movement afoot.  It’s gaining traction in the human diet (author Gary Taubes; documentary “Fat Head“).  The idea is that for thousands of years, we ate primarily animal meat and fat; and since the mass proliferation of grains (soybeans, corn, wheat), we’ve changed our fundamental diet to create higher blood sugar levels, and when that happens, the body won’t burn fat.

Add a sedentary lifestyle into the mix and you’ve got Fat America.  Not to mention ridiculous increases in diabetes and other diet-related health issues.

Well, apparently we’ve shared our condition with our dogs.  They sit around all day, and eat dog food chock full of corn meal and soybeans.

Just like the new Paleo trend, in rebuttal to fad diets and the current high-carb American diet, there is now a dog food on the market that is focusing on ingredients from the wolf diet.  No grains.  Obviously, the focus is on animal meat and fat, with highly-digestible and nutrition-rich veggies added for good measure (sweet potato, peas).

It’s called Taste of the Wild and it is currently being offered in the retail shop of The Dog House Boston, boutique doggie daycare space in the Pope’s Hill neighborhood.  Apparently, the popularity of Taste of the Wild is growing, although it’ll be much tougher to wean the average American off their carb and sugar-rich diet.

I need my bread, pancakes and pork fried rice.  Maybe I’ll ease into it by eating sweet potatoes on more occasions than just Thanksgiving…

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